Classical Medicines

Manufacturing – Appropriate Technology:

Dhanwanthari maintains traditional methodology for Ayurvedic Medicine preparation.

For example, the vessels for preparation of fermented products are earthen vessels. (The natural temperature regulation in porous vessel is unique and the medicine will be having 24 to 28 degree Celsius temperatures through out, ensuring ideal conditions for the natural fermenting agents).

The vessels for production are either brass or copper in specified shapes. In addition, we have adopted the sterilization of pots, powder etc. to keep up the hygiene standards.

For thermal processing of decoctions, firewood, that will give controlled and continuous heat is preferred. (This is essential for adequate drug extraction and to check the extraction of unwanted alkaloids, Tannins etc.)

We have adopted modern technology only in pre-processing stage like disintegration, pulverization, preservation of Kashayam, herbal extraction process and in post production packing.