About Founder

Dhanwanthari Vaidyasala was established as Company in 1933 by Late Vaidyan C.N. Namboothiri, at the age of 23 yrs., as a humble beginning. After 7 Years of academic career in 'Gurukulam'- a school as per the traditional Kerala culture, he started this firm with only a few Ayurvedic manufacturing companies established in India.

The modern concepts of Marketing was very much in wanting when he had decided to brave his passion to a marketing framework designed by him. He was a pioneer in institutionalizing the concept of Ayurvedic medicine marketing & treatment in Kerala. Even in late 30’s he had patients from North Indian States and its been recorded that even in such a nascent stage he had developed Dhanwanthari Vaidyasala into a National brand name. His vision was unforeseen in Kerala’s industrial approach at the time. He thus had carved out a niche for the firm and himself in those days itself. Apart from placing the firm meritoriously, he proved to be an eminent Physician too. He had patients even from abroad and outside Kerala. He had visited various States in America & Europe in early 70’s on request from his patients.