Being the first company to manufacture Ayurvedic spa medicines Dhanwanthari's spa medicines are of great demand in the market. At Dhanwanthari, Spa therapies and Ayurvedic kriyakramams or procedures are combined to get the desired results.

Treatment packages for wellness therapy.

Special packages are available at Dhanwanthari for wellness therapy. For further details contact

Sports Medicine and Therapy

Sports medicine is a comparatively new and emerging branch in Ayurveda meant to enhance the performance of athletes and manage sports-related injuries. Dhanwanthari is the first company in India to explore the prospects of Ayurveda Sports Medicine. With the help of relentless research on the various ailments and requirements, including food, injuries exercise, that constantly trouble the sportsmen, Dhanwanthari has developed effective remedies and techniques that enable them to tackle these problems.

Today various sport's centres and schools enjoy the fruitful result of these researches that Dhanwanthari has done. Prominent among them are:

  • PT Usha School of Athletics
  • Regional Sports Centre Kochi
  • Rifle Club Muttom (to be initiated)
  • Franchising

Dhanwanthari provides opportunities for private organizations and individuals to make tie-ups in mutual beneficiary terms. Dhanwanthari supplies technical support, services and the brand name to private organizations and individuals in developing treatment centres. A special cell at Thodupuzha, which includes a panel of expert doctors, will monitor the functioning of these centres.